ponedjeljak, 3. listopada 2016.

Weekend recap

Weekend started great - Rijeka won at Istra 2:0 on Friday (+0.94), then Lokomotiva won at RNK Split (+1.07) and when Osijek took the lead in the 1st half - I thought - this might be a very good weekend indeed. But, Osijek conceeded in the 45th minute, and failed to score from 3 great chances in the 2nd half. So, we lost a point there - and it should've been a void. Osijek wasn't brilliant, but they were better team. And, then on Sunday - partially because of the rain - both matches ended 0:0 - and we had 2 over bets... A point lost this weekend - not quite a disaster.

Croatia plays at Kosovo on Thursday, so tune in on Wednesday at 3PM. Btw, no tennis bets tomorrow, but handball Champions League and regional basketball league (ABA) started, and we might get involved rather in a week or two.

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