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Recap of the previos season and intro for this one

It took me some time, but there it is – lessons learned from the previous distaster season and intro for the new one, that already started.

2015/16 season stats: 
113 picks - 113 points staked
-10.96 point loss
51 won - 6 void - 56 lost
-9.7% ROI
-54.8% ROC
(advised bank: 20 points)

What have I learned? I'm definitely sure that I was giving too much attention to the every single article I read. I was trying too have all the possible info, but in some matches as a result I couldn't see the forrest for the trees.
I was also spending too much time on writing my previews – which are not THAT important, obviously – as the correct picks!
We were also quite unlucky in more than a few matches, but I really don't think that anyone will benefit if I list the matches in which „we“ conceeded a goal in the injury time. It's just the part of the sports, and I'd be definitely loosing nerves once again – and that's not necessary, not at all.

So, what has changed this season? I definitely decided that I'll be publishing all the football picks for the weekend on Friday. Why? Well, as you would assume, I love my two little daughters very much, and the time I'm spending with them during the weekends is just precious. And since this season this is just a blog, so no strings attached, I'm just doing it to prove myself (and to my ex-subscribers, at least to those who care) that the last season was just something that's happening. I'll still be watching as all the matches I can, I'll be watching highlights of each match more than once and I'll definitely know which players are suspended and injured. But, no previews.

How come I decided to add picks for tennis, and later on, the other sports in which Croatian athletes compete? Well, I'm a die hard sports fan. And I was training tennis when I was a kid, and I definitely (theoretically) know everything I need to know about tennis. Tennis is not that hard to cover for the obvious reason – there's only two players to analyze (or 2 doubles). I'll be publishing picks only in the matches in which Croatian players are involved, and only in the ATP tournaments (ATP 250, 500 and 1000) and Grand Slams (no challangers or futures, as in some cases limits on the matches in these tournaments are even lower than on the CFL. Can you believe that's possible? I'll be mostly focused on the mens' singles, which means only the matches of Marin Cilic, Ivo Karlovic and Borna Coric, sometimes mens' doubles (as Ivan Dodig with Brazilian Marcelo Melo makes one of the best doubles of the world), sometimes
ladies' singles and never ladies' or mix doubles.

What about the other sports? We have Olympics in Rio really soon, Croatia has team in basketball, handball and waterpolo, and Sports Illustrated thinks that we'll get as much as 10 medals. I'm not yet sure how often will I get involved with the remaining sports, but if I do, those will be available at Pinnacle or SBO.

And one last thing – sometimes we'll have a pick(s) even on Saturday or Sunday (not CFL, only tennis and other sports). I have to go to work on at least 3 or 4 Saturdays or Sundays a month, and sometimes I have nothing to do, so I can analyze tennis or basketball.

So, that's about it. I'll be sending the recap of the successfull midweek and hopefully successfull weekend on Monday or Tuesday.

And we'll have a pick or two for today's Karlovic - Johnson match, I'll publish them on 12 PM GMT.

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