srijeda, 10. kolovoza 2016.

Recap and more bets coming

Just a few sentences about last night's matches. Both matches between Argentina and Croatia were more than tight – Croatia somehow managed to win in handball (by only one goal), while O/U margin was completely wrong as well, so both bets won. Basketball match was decieded by too many Croatian technical fouls (and that's one of the reasons why our UNDER bet was lost). However, 3 bets won and 1 lost – that's not the result I'll complain.

I updated the stats – football bet brough 5.33 points profit, tennis 0.66 points, and other sports (basketball, handball and waterpolo) brought additional 1.93 points profit (if we take a look at every single sport, only basketball produced loss – 0.28 points). Total profit: 7.92 points.
Alotgether, we already had 54 bets, 54 points staked: 33 won – 1 void – 20 lost.
ROI is at 14,7%, and since our advised bank is 20 points – is 39.6 %.
I must say I'd be staisfied with the ROI like this at the end of the season.

I'll publish detailed updated stats (and all the bets of the season) on Monday, August 15th. Since the first match we had a bet was played on July 15th, I decided that that will be the main „Recap-day“.

Btw, you can expect bets for tonight soon - at noon CET.

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