ponedjeljak, 1. kolovoza 2016.

Recap of the past week

If I decided to take all the bets I mentioned, 2 bets would be won (making more than 3 points of profit), one would be half and 2 completely lost (-2.5 points), so not much of a harm done. Specially if we know that Cibalia - Inter match ended up 3:3 (and that's definitely not a result which I expect when I bet on draw), while Hajduk scored the only goal in the injury time.

But, let's take a look at midweek disaster. The only bet that was completely won was surprising Hajduk's 3:0 away win, but since I thought Olexandriya was much better team, that match brought us small loss.

Lokomotiva and Vorskla played a boring match, in which Lokomotiva was better team, but still - 0.4 points won there - but 1 point lost, as I expected at least 2 or 3 goals.

The match that cost us the most was between two Dinamos. Of course Tbilisi had a chance to score in 89th minute (if the match ended 2:1, both of our bets would be won), but goalkeeper saved it brilliantly.

I definitely won't cry, as 2.5 points minus after a good start of the season can be won back soon. We have a busy week in front of us, as 2nd matches are scheduled, and the Rio Olympics are right ahaed of us, with Croatian national team competing in basketball, handball, waterpolo and tennis, while I really don't see me getting involved in the remaining sports. But, who knows...

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