utorak, 9. kolovoza 2016.

Recap + picks coming

This night, we were more than unlucky. In the equal match, Croatia scored the winning goal 8 seconds before the end. In the 1st round match, everything went like I expected, and both of our waterpolo bets were won.

First match of Croatian handball team produced enough goals, but Qatar was much better team from the beginning and the deserved to win, so a small loss there.

I suppose you know that Croatia surprisingly beat Spain in the first round of the basketball tournament, but the UNDER bet was won, so small loss there as well.

Tennis brought 3 points loss, but we were unlucky once more, as Borna Coric lost 6:4 and 7:6, just enough to loose our bet. Both bets involving Marin Cilic weren't even close.

And, last - but obviously not least, 2 football bets were won, one lost, so football and waterpolo were the only profitable sports.

I'll publish stats of the season so far later today or tomorrow, and you can expect additional Olympics picks today at 2 PM CET.

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