srijeda, 2. ožujka 2016.

Here we go!

Hello everybody.

This blog is about betting on Croatian Football League, matches of Croatian clubs in UEFA's competitions and matches of Croatian National Teams – A-Team, U-21 etc.
I've been writing picks for 3 and a half years now, they've been available only through e-mails, only to the clients of my friend Skeeve (, but not we decided to switch back to blog. That's where te picks will be available from now on, till further notice. First official pick will be available on Saturday morning, at 10 AM GMT, which will be usual time for publishing picks. I'll regularly notice a day or two before will there be any official picks for the following days.
There are 2 matches scheduled for today and 1 for tomorrow, but there's not enough value in the odds I see. But, if the odds for matches available in local Croatian bookmakers don't change significantly, we'll definitely have a bet or two on Saturday.

For starters, this is what Skeeve wrote to his clients in one of his recent e-mails:
"After I've tried out a few tipsters in the second half of the 2012/13 football season, I'd finally managed to strike a deal with a long-time friend and Croatian football expert Tony Grappa before the beginning of the 2013/14 season and Tony indeed had an amazing first season (all 2013/14 picks were available to all Skeeve Picks clients and SBC members free of charge), making a +18.36 point profit at one-point flat stakes (19.5% ROI, 73.4% ROC). He started the 2014/15 season in a similarly amazing manner, making almost a +10 point profit in July and August alone before giving most of it back to the bookmakers in the next few months. I'd decided to get more involved, have the last say or, should I say, not to forward all of Tony's picks (through a simple institution of veto) and we've managed to finish the season with a +7.8 point profit (10.2% ROI, 39% ROC). Unfortunately, the third season didn't start good and we were at -5.27 by mid-August, which would've been -7 if I hadn't decided to take the responsibility for a Hajduk @2.72 bet on August 10 while Tony was still the main CFB tipster. After that, I've decided to take even more responsibility and become a main tipster, at least a temporary one, myself. Tony had continued to send me his picks and, at one time, his personal losing run (including all the picks I've decided not to forward to Skeeve Picks clients) reached a twenty-point mark, which is our recommended betting bank for the CFB. Unfortunately, it turned out I'm far from being as good a tipster with the CFB as I am with the non-league picks, which isn't that big of a surprise if you think about it - after all, this is my 10th anniversary non-league season and there's quite a few differences between England's fifth and Croatian's first tier - and I'm now currently at a -3.68 point loss with my own CFB picks. That's far from being a disaster, but the CFB are currently at a -10.67 point loss for the season so far (and at a +15.49 point profit since July 2013, which equates to a rather modest 6.3% ROI and a 59.1% ROC) and I think it's time to listen to what you guys have to say on the subject. To be completely honest and transparent, Tony's also made a loss since I took over as the main CFB tipster, but his loss is less than half a point, while I've lost more than three and a half points and I'm not ashamed to admit I'm not nearly as good at advising CFB picks as I hoped I'd be."

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